Amos 3:7 A Love of The Truth

A Hot Mess: Prophecy Update w/John Haller Podcast

October 13, 2020 Amos37 Ministries
Amos 3:7 A Love of The Truth
A Hot Mess: Prophecy Update w/John Haller Podcast
Show Notes

When you abandon the concept of absolute truth and rely on emotion, pride and arrogance to be your "moral guide" the end result is chaos. From the degradation of the Gospel message in our pulpits to the jostling for position in the areas in and around the Middle East, a day never goes by when we are not aware of some situation which would be best described as a "Hot Mess". 

As usual, John provides his unique insight and observations of the world and its current state of confusion in this week's update entitled "This is a Hot Mess"

  • Daniel's 70th Week & Perilous Times Will Come (The Great Tribulation)
  • Gender Swap Children & Texas Court files Lawsuit against Netflix
  • Mexico gets hit by Hurricane & Meteor
  • Woke Culture Cancel Culture & The Babylon Bee
  • Decelerating Populations in Japan & Economic Woes
  • Ontario COVID-19 Quarantine Camps coming and NOT JUST for Covid (A broad spectrum of people)
  • Coming Real Estate issues in the wake of Pandemic (Commercial Buildings Empty)
  • Is Turkey's Military Overstretched? 
  • Middle East Update continues to heat up.
  • Azerbaijani troops inflict heavy blows on Armenian Troops
  • Irregular Warfare National Warfare Strategy & Russian Hybrid Warfare
  • Turkey & Iran collaborate to Liberate Jerusalem (Ezekiel 38-39 winds are blowing)
  • Hamas Leadership Meets with Bahrain Opposition against peace with Israel
  • North Korea unviels new Intercontinental Ballistic Missle
  • Wokeness & The 1619 Chronicles Op-Ed in The Harvard Crimson