Amos 3:7 A Love of The Truth

"George Floyd Memory Hijacked by Antifa Riots & Middle East Updates

June 02, 2020 Amos37 Ministries
Amos 3:7 A Love of The Truth
"George Floyd Memory Hijacked by Antifa Riots & Middle East Updates
Show Notes

It is amazing how the Coronavirus has suddenly taken a backseat and all fear is tossed aside when the riots and looting begin.  So much for "social distancing" unless that is now simply a term that measures how far away you can be to put a brick through a business unrelated to the incident in Minnesota.  Mr. Floyd deserved better, and so do the citizens in all the states where Antifa and their minions seem to have staged "planned protests" by out of state professional instigators whose actions overwhelm the local peaceful protesters who simply want him to be remembered and honored, and for change to occur. 

A world without God looks exactly like what it is becoming, and unfortunately, it will likely get much worse.  The seeds of discord were planted when the leader of a former administration assured us that "fundamental change was coming to America."  And so it has.  Wars n Rumors of wars.d

But we, as believers, have the assurance that our God has not, does not, and will not change.  He is perfect and forgiving if we acknowledge our fallen state and recognize the sacrifice of his son, and He is also judge and jury bringing swift and harsh eternal punishment to arrogant and prideful people who have decided their lives are controlled only by them, and that Jesus is simply a crutch for the weak. 

Hold tight to the truth that we know.  From here on out, it may not get "better" until He makes it so.  Until then, we must endure and cling to the only answer to the world's chaos.

It is very important that everyone realize just how far the Communist Manifesto and its goals have been advanced in the United States since the still-relevant book “The Naked Communists” was written over 50 years ago.

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